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Thank you to Bloomington Watercolor Society!

Bloomington Watercolor SoceityA BIG thank you to Bloomington Watercolor Society for their gracious hospitality this weekend.  Dinner at Grazie Italian Eatery, lively conversation, a day of painting fun with delightful people--it doesn't get any better than that!  And, for a group that doesn't often paint portraits, you all did fantastic!  Thanks, again.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and feel like I have a new group of friends!

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4 Responses to Thank you to Bloomington Watercolor Society!

via judymudd.com37 months ago

We really enjoyed the workshop, thanks so much for coming to Indiana. I learned a lot!

Jeanne Ellen Dutton
via judymudd.com37 months ago

THANK YOU for a terrific workshop! I think you may be able to see the photos at

Just cut and paste and it may work.

Best wishes,

Judy Mudd
via judymudd.com37 months ago

Thank you so much Deborah. I truly enjoyed being with you all. Hope we can do it again sometime!

Judy Mudd
via judymudd.com37 months ago

Jeanne, it was my pleasure! I'm not able to see any photos so I'll email you later. Thanks, again!

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